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About Our Founders

Leaders Within The Industry

With extensive experience within the Child Protection industry, The Arches Foundation’s founders are leaders within the industry.

Our sister organisations Arches Accommodation Supports and Real Support Services have allowed space for new pathways to be built for Young People, Families (Biological, Kin) and Carers who are within or entering the Child Protection system.

The Arches Foundation serves as a guiding force for positive change within the sector to further benefit and support those who are struggling to maintain positive change for their clients.

Our Vision and Mission never changes, nor does our drive for positive sector change for Young People, Families and Carers.

Meet Our Founders & Managing Directors

Creating a New Pathway for Young People

Sarah Macleish

Co-Founder & Co-Managing Director

Darren Giddens

Co-Founder & Co-Managing Director

Jordan McCaul

Co-Founder & Shadow Director