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People & Partnerships

Our focus on people and partnerships encompasses various initiatives. Volunteer and collaborative partnerships are fostered, while staffing includes brokerage and volunteer components. We prioritise mentoring, external debriefing, staff supervision, and personal development training. Our walk-through program provides insights into residential and intervention work, and we offer key-note speaking engagements to share valuable knowledge and experiences.

Resources & Materials

We provide a range of resources and materials to support various needs. Resource kits are available for residential care, family intervention, and frontline practitioners. Educational and sensory materials, care packages, and comprehensive training materials are offered. Additionally, financial assistance in the form of grants, resource purchases, and program scholarships is available to further support individuals and organisations in their endeavours.

Systems & Solutions

Our systems and solutions approach focuses on systems, policy, and procedure development. We work closely with organisations to design and implement efficient and effective systems, develop robust policies, and establish streamlined procedures. By optimising these aspects, we help organisations enhance their operations, ensure compliance, and achieve their goals with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

People & Partnership

Volunteer and Collaborative Partnerships

We foster volunteer and collaborative partnerships, empowering organisations to leverage skills and contributions for impactful community engagement.

Staffing: Brokerage and Volunteer Components Available

We provide flexible staffing solutions with brokerage and volunteer components, offering organisations access to a talented pool of professionals and volunteers.

Staff Supervision and Personal Development Training Materials

We offer staff supervision and personal development training materials to support professional growth and empower individuals in their roles.

Walk Through Program: Behind the Scenes of Residential and Intervention Work

Our Walk Through Program offers firsthand insights into residential and intervention work, fostering a deeper understanding of the processes and challenges involved.


Our mentoring services provide invaluable support and guidance to individuals, fostering personal and professional growth. Through meaningful mentor-mentee relationships, we empower individuals to navigate challenges, develop their skills, and achieve their goals with confidence and success.

External Debriefing

External debriefing services offer a valuable opportunity for individuals and organisations to process and reflect on challenging experiences. By providing an external perspective, these sessions help promote understanding, healing, and growth, ensuring individuals and teams are supported in their emotional well-being and resilience.

Key Note Speaking

Our key-note speaking engagements provide inspiring and informative presentations that captivate audiences. Drawing from extensive expertise and experiences, our speakers deliver impactful messages, sharing valuable insights and knowledge to inspire, motivate, and empower individuals and organisations.

Resources & Materials

Resource Kits: Residential Care, Family Intervention, Frontline Practitioner

Our resource kits support residential care, family intervention, and frontline practitioners with curated materials and resources for success.

Materials: Educational, Sensory, Care Packages, Training Materials and other

Our materials include educational resources, sensory tools, care packages, training materials, and more, providing valuable support for diverse needs.

Financial Assistance (Grants, Resource Purchases, Program Scholarships)

Our financial assistance program offers support through grants, resource purchases, and program scholarships.

Systems & Solutions

Systems, Policy and Procedure Development

We specialise in systems, policy, and procedure development, helping organisations optimise operations and ensure compliance through streamlined processes.

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