About Us

Our Guiding Principles

These four principles help keep The Arches Foundation accountable and transparent on what we do and how we do it.

We are Transparent – accountable to those we support with trust paramount to working relationships.

We are Agile – able to move quickly and respond rapidly to emerging issues and client needs.

We are Pioneering – tailored solutions and new ways of thinking wherein traditional models are ineffective.

We bring Expertise – evidence based, practical skills and tools aligned with emerging knowledge in specialist fields.

The History of The Arches Foundation

Driving meaningful decision-making processes to overcome community sector challenges.

The Arches Foundation (TAF) was established in 2022 to meet a need in the Human Services and Child Protection Sector, wherein highly skilled case management and advice is essential to achieve outcomes for complex individuals and family groups involved within the statutory system.

Our Vision

Instilling ethical, impactful, and forward-thinking practices, to deliver meaningful trauma-informed outcomes for Families, Young People, and the Community Sector.

The organisation Vision and Mission increase trauma informed engagement, improve sector wide skill and knowledge, positively affect community welfare issues, and lead change within the scope of how businesses engage their employees in these challenging workspaces.

For Young People, Families, and Carers

We offer five diverse ranges of support for Young People, Families (Biological and Kin), and Carers.

For Service Providers

We provide a wide range of training options to support organisational growth and development within a community sector context.

For Government Agencies

We work collaboratively with a large suite of multi-disciplinary agencies to respond meaningfully to community sector issues.

For Additional Services

We are committed to supporting endeavours that engage and empower vulnerable parties within the community.

We’re Here to Help You