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Young People, Families, and Carers

We offer five diverse ranges of support for Young People, Families (Biological and Kin), and Carers.

Service Providers

We provide a wide range of training options to support organisational growth and development within a community sector context.

Government Agencies

We work collaboratively with a large suite of multi-disciplinary agencies in order to provide relevant, specific and target consultation to support clear road-mapping and forward planning for issues existing or those an organisation may encounter.

Additional Services

We are committed to supporting endeavours that engage and empower vulnerable parties within the community.

How We Hold Ourselves Accountable

These four principles help keep The Arches Foundation accountable and transparent on what we do and how we do it.

We are Transparent

Accountable to those we support with trust paramount to working relationships.

We are Agile

We can move quickly and respond rapidly to emerging issues and client needs.

We are Pioneering

Evidence based, practical skills and tools aligned with emerging knowledge in specialist fields.

We bring Expertise

Evidence based, practical skills and tools aligned with emerging knowledge in specialist fields.

Intensive Intervention Support

We tailor support to families, minimising interventions by assisting reunifications, parental agreements, and providing comprehensive support to kin and foster placements.

Weekend Respite and Emergency Response​

We offer planned respite support, providing weekend overnight or day services to assist placements and Young People in distress

Transportation Assistance and Supervised Contacts

We enable supervised family contact, including transport assistance, alleviating placement pressure through basic transportation support.

Residential Placement Support and Independent Living Skills

We assist Young People in residential placements, enabling smooth transitions to independent living or stability within care homes.

Youth Engagement: Outreach, Mentoring and Diversionary Support for Young People

We aid disengaged Young People, providing welfare support, linking to necessary networks, transportation, and diversionary therapy for positive outcomes.

Team Training

Empowers members with essential components and a holistic approach for organisational success and thriving expertise.

Leadership Training

Enhances management skills in the community sector, empowering leaders to excel and maximise their team's potential through strengths-based engagement and development.

Care Clinics & Discussions Training

Equips teams to review and develop individual plans for complex young people, addressing crisis response, pain-based behaviours, and collaborative strategies.

Human Resourcing Training

We provide comprehensive education in recruitment, employee relations, compliance, and more, equipping your team with skills for HR success, job placement, and career advancement.

Trauma Informed Care Modules

Encompass vital training on Attachment Theory, PACE, Client-Centred Approaches, and the ARCHES Practice Framework, equipping participants with knowledge and skills to provide holistic and compassionate trauma-informed care, build relationships, and support individuals effectively.

Staff Support & Supervision Modules

We provide an overview of Post-Incident Support and Supervision to prioritise staff well-being, offering strategies for effective support, incident processing, self-care promotion, and enhancing supervisory skills to foster resilience and professional growth among team members in a supportive environment.

Client Care & Complex Case Discussions

This includes expert Complex Case Management Consultation, effective Complex Case Oversight and Management, tailored Client-Centred Response and Risk Plans, Case Consults, On Call Support, Care Clinics, and Review Panels to provide comprehensive support and drive improved outcomes.

Stakeholder Alliance

This encompass Stakeholder Group Facilitation, Stakeholder Engagement and Advocacy, and Collaborative Network Engagement with professionals, fostering collaboration, mobilising support, and cultivating partnerships with psychologists, RTOs, play therapists, OTs, and community programs for enhanced expertise and effective partnerships.

System, Quality & Policy Development

This include Business Planning, Organisational Review, and Audit and Quality Assurance. We provide expertise in IT and Technology Platforms, Policy and System Design, and Blue Print Design to support agencies in developing robust systems and driving organisational excellence.

People & Partnership

We foster volunteer partnerships, provide staffing solutions, prioritise mentoring and debriefing, offer walk-through programs, and engage in key-note speaking engagements to share valuable knowledge and experiences.

Resources & Materials

We provide a wide range of resources, including kits for residential care, family intervention, and frontline practitioners, along with educational materials, sensory tools, care packages, and training resources. Financial assistance in the form of grants, resource purchases, and program scholarships is also available.

Systems & Solutions

Our systems and solutions approach focuses on optimising systems, policies, and procedures for organisations. By designing efficient systems, developing robust policies, and establishing streamlined procedures, we help organisations enhance operations, ensure compliance, and achieve their goals effectively.

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