Standing In Story

Integrating Narrative Therapy Into Care Team Practice Framework to Amplify The Voices of Young People in Out of Home Care

Identity Development in Adolescence

Reauthoring For Mental Health

Reauthoring is a powerful process that can significantly impact positive mental health and identity development. Adolescence is a critical period for self-discovery and identity formation. During this time, young people establish beliefs about who they are, their values, and their place in the world.

Child-Centred Practice: Empowers Young People

Positive Identity Conclusions

Narrative therapy is a style of therapy that empowers individuals to become experts in their own lives. It focuses on the stories we develop and carry with us throughout our lives. It contributes to building positive identity and mental health by widening perspectives and encouraging individuals to consider alternative stories anchored in their strengths, their actions against the problem and future hopes. This process helps people challenge their problems and envision different outcomes.

By incorporating narrative strategies into child protection practices and residential services, we are able to de-centre the system and protect the rights of the child with truly child-centred practice.

Our integrated narrative strategies foster self-awareness, empower individuals to re-author their own identities, and promote mental well-being by transforming limiting narratives into more constructive ones. We have seen significant outcomes such as elevated agency, increased independence and improved mental health with these practices.

Increased Regulation & Decreased Escalation

Amplification of Voice

Amplification of voice is limited in system-centred practices. By adapting our intake process, safety planning and responses, session reporting and transitions to include narrative strategies, we have de-centred the system and now guide care teams to identify with the young person their strengths, values, hopes and dreams. We then integrate these into every step along the care journey. This has resulted in rapid progress, increased regulation, decreased escalation and elevated agency for our young people.

How It Works

Amplify The Voices of Young People

Supports Young People

Our processes support young people in care to construct life-affirming stories that contribute to a positive and functional identity.

Empowers Individuals to Navigate Life's Challenges

These narratives empower individuals to navigate life’s challenges, make informed decisions, and maintain resilience. Early development of a powerful identity has lasting effects on mental health throughout adulthood.

Supportive Intake Systems

Our intake systems, Child Centred Response Plans, Safety Plans, Care Discussions and Session Reports all utilise narrative strategies to intentionally support positive identity and mental health.

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