The Arches Foundation

Not For Profit

We help meet the needs of Organisations, Young People and Families within Child Protection and Community Services.

The Arches Foundation is a Not-For-Profit, for purpose agency delivering a multi-suite of services within the community and child protection sectors. We support a diverse range of clients; Young People, Families, Foster and Kin Carers, Government and Non-Government agencies, as well as consultation and peripheral services such as leadership training and mentoring, staff wellbeing services, policy, process and compliance support, and other.

Our Mission

Driving meaningful decision-making processes to overcome community sector challenges.

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Our Vision

Instilling ethical, impactful, and forward-thinking practices, to deliver trauma-informed outcomes for Families, Young People, and the Community Sector.

The Arches Foundation’s Vision and Mission increase trauma informed engagement, improve sector wide skill and knowledge, positively affect community welfare issues, and lead change within the scope of how businesses engage their employees in these challenging workspaces.

Our Services

How We Can Support you

Young People, Families, and Carers

We offer five diverse ranges of support for Young People, Families (Biological and Kin), and Carers.

Service Providers

We provide a wide range of training options to support organisational growth and development within a community sector context.

Government Agencies

We work collaboratively with a large suite of multi-disciplinary agencies in order to provide relevant, specific and target consultation to support clear road-mapping and forward planning for issues existing or those an organisation may encounter.

Additional Services

We are committed to supporting endeavours that engage and empower vulnerable parties within the community.

The A.R.C.H.E.S. Practice Framework

The A.R.C.H.E.S Practice Framework (APF) has been developed to support service delivery to achieve desired outcomes; viewed through a multi-layered lens of the individual, the team, and the organisation. The APF can be contextualised to suit industry specific assessments, promoting best practice standards and overall organisational improvement. 

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We help meet the needs of Organisations, Young People and Families within Child Protection.