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Upskill Your Team to Provide Ethical Solutions for Young People

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Team Training

Our comprehensive team training program encompasses various essential components to empower your team members. Our holistic approach to team training ensures that your organisation is equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to thrive.

Leadership Training

Our Leadership Training program is designed to develop and enhance the skills of your management team, equipping them with the necessary tools to excel in a community sector context. It focuses on strengths-based staff engagement and development, empowering leaders to maximise their team's potential.

Care Clinics & Discussions Training

Care Clinic & Discussion Training equips teams with the necessary knowledge to review and develop individual plans for complex Young People. With focuses on immediate crisis response and containment, understanding pain-based behaviours, and implementing collaborative strategies.

Human Resourcing Training

Human Resource Training offers comprehensive education in recruitment, employee relations, compliance, and more. Your team will gain skills to excel in HR roles, access job placement resources, and obtain recognised certifications for career advancement.

Trauma Informed Care Modules

The Trauma Informed Care Modules covers essential training, including Attachment Theory, PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, Empathy), Client-Centred Approaches, and the ARCHES Practice Framework. Gain knowledge and skills to provide trauma-informed care, build relationships, and support individuals with a holistic and compassionate approach.

Staff Support & Supervision Modules

Staff Support & Supervision Modules include an overview of what Post-Incident Support and Supervision is to ensure the well-being of staff. Your team will gain strategies for providing effective support, processing incidents, and promoting self-care. Enhance supervisory skills to create a supportive environment, fostering resilience and professional growth among team members.

A Strengths Based Team Leads to Better Results and Outcomes for Young People and Clients
Ethical Practices

Promoting trauma-informed care with client-centred approaches ensures ethical practices and holistic support for clients is delivered.

Impactful Team

Cultivating a strengths-based practice with effective communication and collaboration empowers teams.

Forward-Thinking Decisions

Fostering critical thinking, evidence-based approaches, and innovative strategies, enabling teams to make forward-thinking decisions.

Overcoming Challenges

Equips your teams with resilient, problem-solving skills, and effective strategies to overcome challenges.

Team Training

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Training (including Residential, Families, Foster Care)

We offer TCI Training, which equips individuals with the necessary skills to effectively manage crisis situations.

Stakeholder Engagement Training

Stakeholder Engagement training ensures that your team can foster meaningful connections and collaboration with key stakeholders.

Arches Practice Framework Training

Arches Practice Framework Training provides a solid foundation for implementing efficient processes and methodologies.

Frontline Skills - The things they don't teach you!

Additionally, our Frontline Skills module addresses the often-overlooked aspects of practical knowledge and insights that aren't typically taught, enabling your team to excel in real-world scenarios.

Leadership Training

Management Training

Our Management Training focuses on case management, stakeholder engagement, and community sector-specific skills to empower leaders in achieving successful outcomes within the community context.

Stakeholder Engagement Training

Our Stakeholder Engagement Training equips leaders with the skills to build strong relationships, communicate effectively, and collaborate with stakeholders in the community sector, ensuring successful outcomes for both Young People and the community.

Management Induction (Core Skills)

Our Management Induction program provides core skills training for new managers, enabling them to excel in their leadership roles. This comprehensive training equips them with essential management skills, setting them up for success in their new positions.

Staff Engagement & Development

Our Leadership Training focuses on strengths-based staff engagement and development, empowering leaders to maximise their team's potential. Through this training, leaders learn effective strategies to engage and develop their staff, leveraging their strengths for increased productivity and overall success.

Care Clinic & Discussion Training

Care Clinic Training

Focused on equipping teams to effectively support complex cases involving Young People in crisis. Your team will learn how to thoroughly review a case and apply the ARCHES Framework to collaboratively plan for transition goals.

Care Discussion Training

Designed to help teams working with complex Young People as an immediate crisis response. Your team will understand pain-based behaviours and how to effectively implement responsive strategies. This can also serve as a reflective practice during a child's departure.

Human Resourcing Training

Career Pathway Options

Our training program offers HR education, affiliations with labor agencies and RTOs (Registered Training Organisations) for certifications and work experience. Your team will gain skills in recruitment, employee relations, compliance, and more. You will have access to job placement resources and recognised certifications to advance in the field of human resources.

Organisational Culture

Our program provides education on fostering a positive organisational culture. We offer resources for understanding, assessing, and shaping culture. Gain insights into values, norms, and behaviours. Develop strategies to create a thriving and inclusive workplace, enhancing employee engagement and organisational success.

Induction/Onboarding Programs

Our programs ensure a seamless integration for new employees. We offer comprehensive onboarding training, including company policies, culture, and job-specific training. Our goal is to provide a smooth transition, equip employees with essential skills, and foster a sense of belonging within the organisation from day one.

Trauma Informed Care Modules

Attachment Theory

Trauma-Informed Care Modules train service providers in attachment theory to enhance their understanding and application of trauma-informed approaches.

PACE Model of Care

The PACE Model of Care is a comprehensive tool that equips service providers with essential skills to deliver Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, and Empathy in their care interactions.

Client Centred Aproaches

Client-Centred Approaches training empowers service providers with skills to prioritise individual needs, preferences, and goals, ensuring a personalised and empowering care experience.

ARCHES Practice Framework

The ARCHES Practice Framework training provides service providers with a structured approach to assess, plan, and implement interventions, promoting effective support and positive outcomes for individuals.

Staff Support & Supervision Module

Post Incident Support

Staff Support & Supervision Modules provide service providers with training on post-incident support, equipping them with strategies to effectively assist and care for staff following critical incidents.


Supervision training equips service providers with essential skills to provide effective guidance, support, and professional development opportunities to their team members.

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